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Governing Documents

Every sport at every level has rules that define how the game is played.  They are written down in great detail to avoid confusion and minimize arguments.  The same is true of organizations.  Here are the rules.

South Texas Border Chapter Bylaws

The Bylaws are the rules that specify how the chapter is organized and how it works.  There are rules for officers and board members, committees, and for members.  Everyone should examine the Bylaws periodically so they understand how things should be done.  With only one exception, the length of terms for officers, the Bylaws are written by the Texas Master Naturalist State Program and are required to be adopted by each chapter exactly as provided by the state organization.

South Texas Border Chapter Operating Handbook

The Chapter Operating Handbook gives specific details about the operations of our Chapter such as the meeting schedule, dues structure, special committees and committee responsibilities.  Membership categories are described.  Parts of the Chapter Operating Handbook are written and required by the State Program.  Our chapter determines the content of the remainder of the Chapter Operating Handbook.  A committee is appointed each year to revise the Handbook to keep it current with any needed changes.  The Chapter Operating Handbook ensures continuity in chapter operations as the leadership changes from one year to the next. 

Chapter Management and Operating Protocol

The Chapter Management and Operating Protocol is intended to provide the minimal requirements for TMN Chapters and assist Chapters in initiating, developing and managing a local Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist Program. It is intended also to clarify and amplify articles of the Texas Master Naturalist State Bylaws and to aid in developing a local Chapter Operating Handbook.  The Chapter Management and Operating Protocol spells out the requirements for certification and for milestone awards.  It defines membership categories and transfer of membership from one chapter to another.  It also spells out advanced training and volunteer service requirements.  This document is developed and maintained entirely by the State Program. 

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