Officers and Board of Directors 2020

Officers (Elected, Voting at Board Meetings):

President                                         Donna Otto

First Vice President                         River Rivera

Second Vice President                       Elizabeth Perdomo

Secretary                                      Martha Jones

Treasurer                                      Gayle Rice

Board Members (Appointed, Voting Members of Board):

Immediate Past President                   Robert Hernandez

State Program Representative            Kathy Tonn (Tessier)

Membership Director                        Mary Hroscikoski

New Class Director                             Anne Mayville

Communications Director                    Dayna Austin

Advanced Training Director                  Elizabeth Perdomo

Volunteer Service Project Director        Susan Coleman

At-Large                                           Vacant

New Class Representative                  Patty Ballinger

TPWD Advisor                                 Javier DeLeon

Tx AgriLife Advisors                          Tony Reisinger

                                                   Ashley Gregory


Committee Chairs (Appointed, Non-voting):

Host Committee                                  Sylvia Casselman

Archivist/Historian                             Kathy Tonn

Newsletter                                       Vacant

Outreach                                             Vacant

Publicity                                          Vacant Website/Webmaster                             Joseph Connors

Chapter Operating Handbook Revision     Mike McClure

It takes many people to keep the Chapter operating.  If you can fill a vacancy listed above contact Donna Otto.  All time working on Chapter administration at home or in board or committee meetings counts as volunteer time.


We have several hard working members who are wearing several hats.  If you can step up and take some of the work off their shoulders, that would be welcome.  Contact Donna Otto to help out.  Job descriptions can be found on the Bylaws and Chapter Operations page here on the web site.