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Ancient South Texas History - Stone Tools & Archaeology - August Meeting

This month our meeting presentation centers on how geology influenced the manufacturing of lithic tools in South Texas and Northern Mexico and how they are identified and used. Critical to this task will include archaeological methods employed in the collection and documentation of artifacts. Additional information will be presented regarding the Ancients that lived in this area.

Our speaker, Nick Morales. is a geologist of South Texas and Northern Mexico specializing in mineralogy, local geology and lithic (stone) artifacts. A collector of world-wide minerals and local Ancients stone tools, he has undertaken research, along with faculty at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, in the geology and archaeology of this region. Student of geology in the 70's and participant as well as sponsor of the University Geology Club for over 40 years. Current research projects include identification of minerals from Mexico, lithic tools of the area, documenting, photographing, authoring and co-authoring of articles on geology and lithic artifacts.



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