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Rearing Rare Butterflies - March Meeting

In the past year, Berry Nall had the opportunity to raise several very uncommon LRGV butterflies. His adventures and misadventures will be related as he shares photographs of the different life stages of Blue Metalmark, Red-lined Scrub-Hairstreak, Ruby-Spotted Swallowtail.

Berry Nall is a pastor and teacher who has lived in Starr County for more than 30 years. He grew up gardening and chasing butterflies in Maryland and Virginia; those hobbies followed him to south Texas. In order to assist the research of Dr. David Wagner, the country’s foremost caterpillar expert, he has spent extensive time collecting moth caterpillars in the south Texas brush. In an effort to attract and rear as many butterfly species as possible, he has developed a butterfly garden with diverse native host plants as well as nectar sources. He enjoys documenting the process of rearing butterflies from egg to adult. His butterfly photos and the life histories of over 100 butterfly species may be seen on his website:

The presentation video is delayed a bit compared to the audio.



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