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Valley Native Plant Growers & Nurseries


La Maceta Nursery (956) 562-6030*

Reyes Nursery (956) 380-1528


Grimsell Seed Co. (956) 423-0370

Heep's LRGV Native Plant Nursery (Mike Heep) (956) 457-6834*

Stuart Place Nursery (956) 428-4439

Wild August Nursery (956) 535-2117

La Joya

Perez Ranch Nursery (956) 580-8915

Laguna Vista

J&R Landscaping (956) 433-5109


Waugh's Nursery (956) 686-5591


National Butterfly Center (956) 583-5400

Oleander Nursery (956) 607-3304

Shady Acres Nursery (956) 581-7783


Caldwell's Jungle Nursery (956) 689-3432

Rio Grande City

Rancho Lomita Native Plant Nursery (956) 486-2576*

San Benito

River Oaks Nursery (956) 399-4078


Valley Nature Center (956) 969-2475*

* Native Plants Only

List revised December 2022

Any registered nursery that offer Rio Grande Valley native plants for sale and would like to be listed here, please e-mail:

Excellent field guides to Lower Rio Grande Valley native plants:

Wildflowers and Other Plants of Texas Beaches and Islands 2002 by Dr. Alfred Richardson

Plants of Deep South Texas 2011 by Dr. Alfred Richardson and Ken King

Native Host Plants for Texas Butterflies: A Field Guide 2018 by Weber & Wauer

Native Plant Project Handbooks available at

Planting guide for RGV Plants Planting Guide for RGV Brochure


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