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Amazon Smile

While we are all trying to limit our exposure to other people, I have been using Amazon more than usual. That reminded me I was planning write a post about Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a program where Amazon gives a small percentage based on what you spend to the charitable organization you choose every time you shop, at no cost to you. South Texas Border Chapter Texas Master Naturalist is available as a choice to support through the Smile program. It is a very small amount, 0.5 percent, but it adds up.  See their About page for more info.

First you choose what charity you want to support on Amazon.  This link will take you directly to that page with STBCTMN selected. The donations only happen if you order while on the Smile branded Amazon site: You can also download the Amazon Assistant browser addon to make it easier. That will add an A button to your browser toolbar that you can click to go right to Amazon Smile.  It may also tell you about daily deals.  It automatically make sure you are using Amazon Smile if you go to Amazon using that button. I don't always remember to use Smile, but the charity I chose five years ago has received $24 based on my purchases.



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