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City Nature Challenge Field Trip

Updated: Feb 29

This was our first chapter field trip in too long. We are working to do better with more educational field trips this year. The trip was the morning after the big storm though so many of us had to stay home dealing with storm damage. This field trip aligned with the City Nature Challenge so several of us were documenting species on iNaturalist. We documented 129 species that afternoon.

We had heard good things about this refuge after the Rio Grande Valley Chapter TMN had a Training Class Field trip there. All I knew about this refuge was that they had some nice sunken blinds so wildlife photographers can shoot at the level of the wildlife. We didn't stop at the blinds. Instead, we walked the main trail and saw all kinds of interesting plants and animals. We saw plants some of had never seen in the wild before. We all had a great time and learned a lot from the Martins and each other.



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