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Policy on Travel Time

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Update: Our new travel policy is old again! Last evening (Feb 4) the Board rescinded the travel policy approved in January to return to the existing policy we discovered already existed in our Chapter Operating Handbook.  (Thanks to senior member Tom Butler finding it for us.) It can be found in the COH Appendices under C. Guide to Membership, item e, and reads:

Travel time to and from volunteer opportunities may be counted in the total number of hours volunteered. Travel time to and from advanced training is not counted.

Sorry for any confusions and angst of the change in January, and please do report all your travel time when you volunteer!

Recinded Policy:

Our Chapter policy for how to count and so report our travel time for any TMN volunteer service has never been explicit, creating confusion from time to time.  At our Board meeting in January 2020, the Board decided on the following policy:

For any TMN service hours reported, the associated travel time may be no greater than the service time. The one exception is for service hours at an Annual State Meeting, when travel time to/from one’s LRGV home address may be added. NOTE. Travel time counts ONLY for volunteer service hours, never for training hours, whether initial or advanced.

For example:

  • For a 1-hour chapter business meeting, you may report up to 1-hour travel time (if that was actually your travel time)

  • For 15 minutes of help cleaning up after an initial training class or advanced training presentation, you may report a maximum of 15 minutes travel.

  • For service at a State meeting (Note: service, not AT, which never includes travel time), you may report your round trip travel from your local RGV address. (We trust you will be reasonable and not include the stop to see your great aunt, trip delays en route, etc.)

Thanks for all the service you do! And thanks for remembering this new policy as you report your travel time for TMN service.

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