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VMS on Mobile Devices

Entering volunteer hours can be done from any device, but the VMS website was designed for use on a computer. It is not optimized for mobile devices, and likely will not be during our lifetimes!

Most problematic are Android phones, where the Log Book view does not allow easy

visualization of the important differences between "Not Yet Approved" and "Disapproved" entries.

That said, it can be made usable on mobile devices with the following device Settings for

your browser app:

  1. JavaScript is turned on

  2. Pop-ups are not blocked

  3. On Android phones, select view as "Desktop Site". This forces the website to display as it would on a computer.

  4. View the site in landscape (horizontal) mode.

Hours approvers may contact you in one of a few ways if your entry needs changes

before it can be approved, including:

  • A note in the vms that appears in your Logbook Approval Status column as Disapproved. When you select the disapproved entry, then near the bottom of the page, select Edit Selected Record to open the entry. A comment box at the bottom of the entry will include a note from the hours approver re corrections needed.

  • By phone – especially if the issue is more complex

  • By email or text messaging

IMPORTANT NOTE: Monitor your Log Book to make sure your reported hours have been

approved, or to correct any disapproved entries as needed.

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