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Mothing Field Trip 2021

Updated: May 19, 2022

This weekend, our chapter participated in National Moth Week with a mothing field trip as our first in-person gathering since the beginning of the pandemic. Chapter members, Joseph Connors and Seth Welliver, were excited to share their mothing with the rest of the chapter. Twenty members and five friends braved the mosquitos to learn about moths and other creatures of the night. Thanks to all who helped prepare the garden and setup to make this a great field trip.

There will be several more area mothing events during Moth Week which continues until the 25th. Bentsen State Park will having a Moth Night on Thursday, July 22, 2021. Estero Llano State Park and The National Butterfly Center have mothing events on Friday, July 23. The state parks ask you to pre-register. The Butterfly Center's night event is free and without registration.

If you want to try mothing on your own, check out Joseph's mothing post from last year for tips on how you can get started. It is easy and fun.



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